1. Wet storage for sailboats up to 35 ft. in length or so.
  2. The wet storage “rate length” is the “length over everything” including bowsprits, rudders, outboard motors, etc.
  3. The minimum wet storage “rate length” is 27 ft.
  4. Tenants may use the facilities at South Dade Marina, such as the ramp and the picnic tables.
  5. Tenants may bring guests to South Dade Marina, but the guests must always be accompanied by the tenant. Also, the number, length of stay, and behavior of guests should be reasonable.
  6. In an emergency, such as fire, theft or sinking, tenants may take any appropriate action. This may include calling the police, breaking into my Tool locker, or using my pump. Although I try to protect a tenant’s property, South Dade Marina is not responsible for fire, theft or storm loses.
  7. In case of a hurricane watch or warning, call (305) 247-8730 for instructions. See southdademarina.com for the hurricane plan.


  1. Pay your rent. Rent is due on the first; overdue on the tenth. Late fees will apply.
  2. Don’t hurt the environment. Watch out for manatees and don’t throw trash or oil into the water.
  3. Don’t discharge or brandish firearms.
  4. Don’t make your neighbors mad. Don’t board your neighbors boat or collide with him while docking.
  5. Don’t leave electric cords plugged in at non-metered outlets.
  6. Store all extra gear on your boat. Dinghies of wet storage boats up to 1/3 your rate length with motors 5 hp or less, may be stored in the storage area. Dinghies may not be stored in the water.