Directions by Land

Our address is 54400 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL 33030

South Dade Marina is very aptly named because it is south of everything else in Dade county. If you can name something in Dade county, we’re south of that. So the first part of the directions are pretty simple. If you are outside of Dade county, get to Dade county. Then drive south. Eventually you’ll wind up on the Florida Turnpike, or maybe US Highway 1, or maybe even Krome Ave. It doesn’t matter. Drive south..

Everything is going to filter into US1 in Florida City, the southernmost city in Dade county. From US1 in Florida city, you just need to stay on US1, you guessed it, going south. That gets you onto the eighteen mile stretch, which is the stretch of US1 that heads to the Florida Keys. We are at mile marker 115 on the eighteen mile stretch. You will know that you are getting close when you have gone over the bridge at Aerojet Canal (C-111). Just look for all the masts sticking up over the mangroves.

Directions by Water

South Dade Marina is located at 80°26’18” w, 25°15’58” n.

By Water from the North:

After passing under the Card Sound bridge southbound on the ICW, continue in the marked channel to day mark 26(red), then set a course of 220°mag. As you approach Main Key, stay well off the southwest point. When day mark 2 (red) bears about 330°mag, set a course of 331°mag, which will bring you into Manatee Bay.

By Water from the South

After passing through Jewfish Creek northbound on the ICW, continue in the marked channel to day mark 30 (red), then set a course of 329°mag into Manatee Bay.

Across Manatee Bay

The courses above will bring you to Glades Canal day mark 3 (green). If your draft is more than 3ft., stay out about 200 yards until day mark 3 lines up with day mark 5, then proceed in, between the day marks and the pile of fill to the north. After a bend in the canal to the left, you will see the marina ahead.

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Trip planning resources

The link below will take you to the NOAA Online map view of the area around South Dade Marina. (NOAA Chart number 11463, ICW Sands key to Blackwater Sound, 1:40000)

This chart is available for download from NOAA in two formats:

    • NOAA RNC – A rastor format. These look like paper charts. They may be viewed with a number of commercial programs, or with the freeware SeaClear2program.
    • NOAAA ENC– A vector format. These charts are compatable with most mapping GPS units.

Estimated tides from the Main Key station can be found here

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