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Kayak or Sail The Florida Everglades Ecosystem

Everglades kayaking

Kayak and sailboat rentals now available.

Now you can kayak or sail in the Florida Everglades ecosystem. Just a short drive south from Miami and surrounding areas and a short drive north from the Florida Keys and… Bam! You are at South Miami Dade Marina and Eco-Adventures!

Sailing lessons and kayak lessons available with appointment.

  • Kayak Rental 2 Hours for 2 People $80
  • Kayak Rental 4 Hours for 2 People $160
  • Kayak Rental 4 Hours for 4 People $320
  • Kayak Rental 4 Hours for 6 People $480
  • 4 Hour Paddleboard Rental for 2 People $180
  • 4 Hour Paddleboard Rental for 4  People $360
  • 4 Hour Paddleboard Rental for 6 People $530
  • Clear see-through kayaks upgrades available on request.
  • Sailboats available for rent starting at $250 per day.

Coming soon… Spend the night camping out in a Miami South Beach lifeguard tower surrounded by the wildlife of the Everglades.

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Let's Go!